Completely changed my outlook

Recent update received from a client who finished some months ago: “I’m really in a good place and feel very strongly that the work you did with me has completely changed my outlook. I’ve started my new job and the positive attitude that I possess is making this really easy to fit in and learn the new role. I’ve started seeing someone new who jokes that my positivity is like a religion to me. I have recommended you to everyone because there are so many people that could benefit from the work you do.”


Above and Beyond

“Thank you so much for helping me through one of the most challenging times of my life. Your knowledge, expertise and kind nature helped me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I have gained back control of my life, my self-esteem has grown and my confidence is going from strength to strength. With the techniques that I have learnt and my new relaxed attitude, I will ensure that I carry them with me into the future and use them whenever necessary. Michele goes ‘Above and Beyond’ highly recommended, thank you again.”

Highly recommend

“I have received such a huge benefit from a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Michele. My confidence has gone through the roof and the old patterns of anxiety and self-criticism are no longer issues in my life. I found Michele a very calming and grounding presence and guided me through the process in a gentle and fun way. I highly recommend Michele’s work to others, especially if you wish to really shift a lot of old patterns and grow into being the best version of yourself. Thank you Michele for helping me really thrive and experience more joy in my life!”

Life changing

“Dear Michele, Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to meet someone who will be of huge significance to you. Someone who you will never forget. Michele you are all this to me! I am such a different person now. My holiday last week was wonderful. I walked with total freedom. I talked to everyone without anxiety. I was calm and relaxed and was able to be just in the moment without worry. I was happy. There are some difficult times ahead but I feel in a good place to deal with them. Michele our sessions have been life changing, you will always have my thanks and every time I go for a walk I will think of you and the gift you have given me.”

A warm and very sincere person

“Initially, I contacted Michele to make enquiries on behalf of a friend. When I spoke to Michele she explained the way she worked and what would be involved and I realised at the point that Hypnotherapy would be a great benefit to me also so I asked for an appointment.

After my Mother passed away I lost my confidence, I found it difficult to go out and about as before and I became anxious and fearful and small things that challenged me could bring on the anxiety which could last for a few days. I also lost my ability to be sociable and mix with people, I stayed at home most of the time and even going for a weekly shop was sometimes too much. My energy dropped and I found it difficult to motivate myself – I was in a dark place.

From the outset I found the sessions tremendously helpful. Michele is a warm and very sincere person and she has created a calm and safe space for her Therapy Sessions.

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Back to my normal self

“I found the sessions beneficial. They helped me see and continue to see the positive. I feel back to my normal self. I will use the recording in the future as it’s very effective. Michele’s voice & tone is very soothing and welcoming. I also appreciated the concept involved. I related to the intellectual & primitive brain. I think it’s an important part of the session to reinforce this. Many thanks, Michele. You are perfect for this type of therapy.”

More at ease, more positive

“Each week I go, I see an improvement in my mental state. I am less reactive to situations, I feel more at ease, I think clearly and feel more positive. Michele is an excellent practitioner, her voice is soothing and she keeps me focused on what is good in my life. The CD has been so valuable; when I know my stress bucket is full I listen to the CD and feel the change in my mind and body,  I feel so much better afterwards. Thank you.”