Help Yourself

And now, relax…

People sometimes ask me what they can do to help themselves, and I share this great little DIY relaxation method called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘Tapping’. It’s a quick and easy to learn self-help tool for de-stressing and relaxing the mind and body.

The reason I like this technique is because, once learnt, it is something people can use on themselves whenever they feel the need, without someone else having to do it for them. This makes it a very empowering technique that gives control back to the client, where it belongs.

A recent (2020) randomised controlled trial, conducted on nurses looking after patients with Covid-19 at a university hospital in Turkey, found that stress, anxiety and burnout levels were significantly reduced after a single online group EFT session. [1]

EFT has been likened to acupuncture but without needles, as the acupuncture points are tapped on with the fingers instead. It’s easy to learn, quick to use, and many people have found it an effective way to help them to relax generally at the end of a busy day.


Important information

For your own safety and wellbeing please read the following before continuing:

  • The Emotional Freedom Technique is offered here as a self-help, relaxation aid, and is not a replacement or substitute for medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment.
  • Please be aware that this website does not offer health advice. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment.
  • As a general rule you should inform your health professional before starting any complementary or additional therapies. This is particularly important if you are already under the care of a health professional and/or receiving treatment.
  • Do not alter or stop taking prescribed medication or treatment without your doctor’s guidance.
  • The information on this website cannot be construed as professional advice, which can be given only after a personal consultation with a professional.


Emotions can go up as well as down

Sometimes the emotions change while we are tapping which can take us by surprise; yawning, giggling, crying, these are all quite common responses and can just be tapped through if they occur. If you experience something stronger you can either keep tapping and tap through it, or just stop tapping and do something completely different, such as remembering the lyrics of a song, doing some simple maths sums, thinking about the ingredients for a recipe, standing up and walking around – whatever works to help yourself to feel better – and the moment will pass.


Always remember, you are in charge

The point of all this tapping is for relaxation and to feel better, not to get wound up and feel worse. This is a self-help tool that you can choose to use if you find it useful. If you don’t enjoy it, please don’t use it.


EFT for relaxation

If you would like to give this quick technique a try for yourself, I have put the method and tapping sequence here.

Some people always tap on one side of the body, some on the other, some on both sides at once and some alternate sides, but the results are the same so it is just a matter of preference.











Also, I put on the tapping sequence “Tapping several times on each point” so that you won’t get hung up on counting a certain number of taps: anywhere between 7 and 15 taps on each point is probably about right, and once you’re in a rhythm you won’t need to count at all, just go with the flow.

I find it’s good to try it even when you’re not feeling wound up or stressed, so that you can practise the sequence and commit it to memory; that way, you will be able to use it as a sort of emotional ‘First Aid’ if difficult emotions do hijack you.



If you like EFT for relaxation

If you do enjoy it and would like it in a printable format please email me on and I will be happy to email that to you.


If you want to explore using EFT some more

This webpage covers the very basics of EFT as a self-help tool for general relaxation purposes. If you would like to explore it in more depth and learn how to use it with your specific issues then I can arrange to work with you, so please get in touch.



[1] Dincer B, Inangil D. The effect of Emotional Freedom Techniques on nurses’ stress, anxiety, and burnout levels during the COVID-19 pandemic: a randomized controlled trial. Explore. 2020.