Hypnotherapy For Wellness Package


What is the ‘Hypnotherapy for Wellness’ package?

This is a four session course, using a combination of Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques, specifically designed to reinforce an individual’s wellbeing.

Following a free initial consultation, the Hypnotherapy for Wellness sessions are taken once a week over 4 weeks.


Why did I develop this four week course?

It is easy to take good mental or physical health for granted. When we are in a state of wellness and happiness, if life is alright and we don’t have any major problems, and the problems we do have we are coping quite well with, how natural is it to just leave things as they are?

If you were a car, you wouldn’t expect to keep running well without any problems if you didn’t have regular care and maintenance. Cleaning, tuning, oiling and fueling are all ways of ensuring we get optimum performance from our vehicle – and may also prevent faults from developing, leading to costly repairs in the future.

Similarly, taking regular exercise, keeping hydrated, eating a balanced diet, developing optimism and managing stress levels are all ways of ensuring we get optimum performance from our minds and bodiesand may also prevent faults from developing, leading to costly repairs in the future.

My Hypnotherapy for Wellness package has been developed to help support people with that.


Who might the ‘Hypnotherapy for Wellness’ package be useful for?

Anyone who considers themselves to be in reasonable or good mental health, with few problems that they are coping quite well with, who also:

  • feel they would like to be proactive in supporting their own mental and physical wellbeing
  • thinks they could improve their positivity overall
  • feel they would benefit from four sessions specifically designed for improving positivity, enhancing relationships, and reducing stress
  • would like to wind down with some intense relaxation for the body and mind on a weekly basis
  • feel they would benefit from some carefully structured ‘me’ time with an experienced, NCH Accredited Hypnotherapist
  • would like to learn some techniques for dealing with day-to-day stresses
  • would like to bolster or reinforce their good mental health to aid future resilience


Who would the ‘Hypnotherapy for Wellness’ package be less useful for at this time?

People with a current mental health problem, or who consider themselves to be in poor mental health at the moment, or those who have lots of problems that they are finding it difficult to cope with.

Using the car analogy again, you might think of this ‘Hypnotherapy for Wellness’ package as a tune-up rather than a repair. So, if you already have a difficulty or problem, then you would need more specific attention rather than this ‘general maintenance’, for which my Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions would be more appropriate. Please click Hypnotherapy for more information.


Prices and offers

As always, my initial consultation is free. It’s a time for you to meet me and ask any questions you might have before making your decision to book the four weekly sessions.

If taken individually, the price of each session is the usual rate of £80.00 per session, payable prior to each session. This will be discounted to £300.00 for four sessions if, following your initial consultation, you choose to book and pay for the complete package in advance.