Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Success in Sport

On a recent hypnotherapy training weekend over at CPHT in Bristol, one of our lecturers was Glenn Catley, former WBC Super Middleweight Champion of the World.

The reason he was there was because he won that title by having Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with a man called David Newton – the same gentleman who trained me. Then, when Glenn retired from boxing, he trained to be a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at my training school, the Clifton Practice in Bristol.

Glenn is a great speaker, funny and entertaining.  He talked about David Newton being his inspiration and credits his sports successes to hypnotherapy, saying it changed his life, improving mental strength, boosting confidence, motivation and focus and that it’s one of the most successful treatments for some of life’s biggest problems, and used by lots of sports personalities.

And I’m certainly not going to argue with him about that….