A warm and very sincere person

"Initially, I contacted Michele to make enquiries on behalf of a friend. When I spoke to Michele she explained the way she worked and what would be involved and I realised at the point that Hypnotherapy would be a great benefit to me also so I asked for an appointment. After my Mother passed away I lost my confidence, I found it difficult to go out and about as before and I became anxious and fearful and small things that challenged me could bring on the anxiety which could last for a few days. I also lost my ability to be sociable and mix with people, I stayed at home most of the time and even going for a weekly shop was sometimes too much. My energy dropped and I found it difficult to motivate myself – I was in a dark place. From the outset I found the sessions tremendously helpful. Michele is a warm and very sincere person and she has created a calm and safe space for her Therapy Sessions. She is a gentle but very focussed and professional Therapist and she was very clear in her initial explanation of ‘how things worked’. She had great empathy and capacity to enable me as a Client to feel relaxed and more important – ‘safe’. With Michele’s help and encouragement I began to make small changes in my routine, e.g. go to bed earlier, turn the T.V. and Laptop off in order give myself some quiet time to relax before going to bed, set myself little achievable tasks etc. These changes, even though small, had a very positive effect on my confidence and whole sense of well-being. I began to have more energy, I became more enthusiastic generally, I had more motivation and the episodes of fear and anxiety greatly diminished. I began to go out more, see friends, do the shopping, things became much easier. I began to re-engage, I became more social, phoned friends, met up with friends, went to the Cinema etc. I felt like ‘my old self’ and life became enjoyable once more and if I did have an anxious moment, I was able to recognise what was happening and work it through using the ‘tools’ Michele had given me. I am greatly indebted to Michele. I feel much more confident, I go out now at least 2-3 times a week, I have so much more energy, I have been gardening and painting and taking my little dog for longer walks, earlier in the day. I truly feel I have my life back. Thank you Michele."   Name and address supplied